About Avro Health

Founded in 2015 under the former brand AILE, Avro has been supplying medical devices to individuals and organisations around the world for eight years already. This has predominantly been in the Asia, Asia-Pacific and North American markets. In 2023, we founded our UK business to cater for the rapidly-growing market locally, as well as across Europe, Middle East and Africa.

Capable of manufacturing and delivering tens-of-thousands of units of our core products per month - sphygmomanometers, pulse oximeters, digital thermometers, glucometers and more - the business is geared to address the extended demand of today and the future, as 'home health' and 'health on the move' become ever more prominent and critical to both patients and facilities.

Our Standards
No product is made without user experience in mind

When Avro sets out to make any product, the design process is based completely around quality combined with usability. After all, one without the other means mission unaccomplished. Our devices are manufactured to be versatile; for use by all age groups, people on the move or at home, or by medical staff in hospitals and other healthcare settings alike. Our devices must therefore be of the highest quality - passing all tests that confirm their suitability for use in medical environments - as well as satisfying the needs of those in the community, the majority of whom will likely not have medical device knowledge or experience.

This is no mean feat, but Avro has achieved this through thorough research and collaboration with medical professionals and end users at every step of the design, manufacture & delivery process. All products meet the exacting approval standards set out by the countries in which they are available, whilst being easily utilised by everyone.

Business Model: Healthcare, Retail & eTail 

Healthcare - nationally, regionally or locally, including hospitals, surgeries and community care settings

Retail - such as supermarkets, high street stores, pharmacies, sports and health stores

e-Tail - comprising the large non-specialist online retailers as well as the smaller to medium specialists

Plus major distributors with their own bulk business models, supplying the likes of NHS (and similar outside of UK) and large retailers.

If you are interested in becoming a retail or distribution partner of Avro's, please don't hesitate to contact us for a discussion today.

Charity & Donations

Avro is a proud supplier of products on a regular basis to those less fortunate and in need, all around the world.

We have so far donated supplies to charities in countries such as Venezuela, Samoa, UK and of course Ukraine and we will continue to do so.

We don't say this to brag, but to make it clear to other charities in the area of humanitarian crisis that we are always open to assisting whenever and however we can. Please contact us with any charitable requests.

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