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Avro Health is a leader in the production of high quality medical devices 
for use at home, on the move, in medical settings or just about anywhere. We 
offer a variety of easy-to-use, accurate & reliable electronic products to monitor blood pressure, pulse rate, blood oxygen levels, temperature, glucose levels and more.


In an era when people are living longer, the general population is more health-conscious and medical appointments are harder to secure, we help people to keep on top of their vital health statistics themselves.

For the billions who cannot always get to see a medical professional - anytime soon or if at all - we provide solutions they can use to monitor & manage their own health, wherever, whenever. They can then decide if a trip to a surgery or hospital is warranted.

400 million

people do not have access 
to medical facilities
Source: WHO

Up to 40%

of annual visits to UK A&E 
(ER) are unnecessary
Source: The Guardian


of patients wait over a month to see a doctor in England
Source: Pulse Today

Avro Health: assisting healthcare facilities and end users alike

Lessening the load on healthcare facilities

Avro has the technology and the products available for anyone to be able to keep on top of their vitals anytime, anywhere. Be it checking one's blood pressure at home, oxygen levels whilst hiking a mountain or temperature when feeling off colour on a flight, we have the devices to lessen the load on doctors' surgeries and walk-in hospital departments. Avro is all about empowering the individual and lessening the load on healthcare facilities

Avro Health Products

Below are some of our core health tech products available today in the UK, Europe, Africa, the USA and the Far East. All come with an industry-leading 5-year warranty and are available from various retail outlets, online and off. Please contact us for bulk availability or to find your nearest retailer or click here for more product information

Digital Forehead Thermometers

This is a world-class, contact-free digital infrared forehead thermometer with pinpoint accuracy. Boasting a traffic light alerting feature, silent mode for sleeping patients, fever alert, memory recall function and many other features, this is one to have in the medical cupboard

Blood Pressure Monitors

Avro's highly accurate, easy-to-use digital sphygmomanometer blood pressure monitor for the upper arm. Featuring irregular heartbeat warning, high/ low blood pressure alerts, a large memory of patient readings for two users, a crystal clear display and much more

Pulse Oximeters

Our flagship pulse oximeter. We've not found another portable variant to come close in accuracy. Full of features including a real-time mini ECG-style LED display, multiple screen options and the most accurate SPO2 readings on the market, this is a great device for use on the move

Glucose Meters

This blood glucose meter (glucometer) provides fast & stable testing on just 0.7ul of fresh blood. With an LCD display, results in just 5 seconds and a memory for the last 99 results, this is the perfect, compact companion for anyone with diabetes or just monitoring their sugar levels

Portable Nebulisers

The portable, battery-powered (as well as mains) Avro nebuliser delivering a large mist of finely atomised particles of 1-5 um, for better absorption of medications. The low noise output unit is child-friendly and great for adults & elderly alike, coming with two mask options

Sleep Apnoea Machines

An advanced CPAP/ APAP treatment 'positive airway pressure' device of the highest standards. It features auto air leakage compensation, mask on/ off identification, 6 operating temperatures, 3-level pressure relief and multiple remind functions, to mention but a few highlights

Case Study: Avro Health & First Aid Medics

First Aid Medics provides courses and on-site medical support personnel across the UK. In the case of a medical emergency, once a patient has been confirmed as having a pulse and to be breathing, the training & on-site medical staff will use Avro Health's products to get more in-depth information on vital statistics such as blood pressure, heart rate, temperature, blood oxygen levels and - in the case of diabetics - glucose levels. "These devices give us the important insights to take the appropriate next steps in assisting and stabilising the patient" says Ian Common, qualified medic at First Aid Medics.

There are many such use cases for Avro Health's products, every day in both medical and general environments.

“NHS pushing new @Home scheme to lessen the load on struggling staff & facilities”

Ambulances: credit EPA/ Shutterstock

What's the deal with Home Healthcare?

It's not just about the home setting, but really any situation away from healthcare centres, such as doctors' surgeries, walk-in minor injury units, hospitals and emergency wards. We provide the kit that allows the ordinary person to keep on top of their health statistics, both through monitoring and the delivery of certain remedies that lessen the need for visits to health centres. We don't replace the need for professional healthcare, but our solutions help to enable you to decide if that's what you need.

Below are just a handful or examples as to when portable health devices from Avro will likely come in more than just handy:

Home or Work

The ability to quickly, easily & accurately check your temperature, blood pressure, pulse rate, blood oxygen level, glucose readings and more in the comfort of your own home or workplace is no doubt of great benefit to most.

Sport & Adventure

On the slopes or the football pitch, up a mountain or just about anywhere. Our devices will reassure you that you have the oxygen you need, or that your blood pressure is good enough to continue, or if it's not and it's time to seek assistance.

On the Move

Feeling a bit unwell on a long journey, but not sure if you are ill or it's just a bit of a cold sweat or temporary heart murmur. AILE's equipment will help put your mind at peace or indicate to you that perhaps it's time to ask for help.

On Holiday

For families with children, elderly travellers or young party animals alike, it's always good to keep on top of your health vitals, especially when away from home in unfamiliar surroundings and when not in your usual routine.


What sets us apart?


Every device we bring to market has not only been produced to the highest specification, but Avro also consults and collaborates with healthcare professionals to ensure its products are the best they can be. Guidance is taken in pre- and post-production stages, and any suggested improvements are both taken on board and actioned wherever possible. Our products are designed to tackle everyday issues, whilst being used by everyday people...


From environmentally considerate production facilities to the right treatment of it's employees, Avro operates to the highest of standards. Our devices are all made with personal and professional use in mind; we make sure they are not only good enough for home use, but in hospitals and surgeries too. 


Be it UKCA, CE for EU/ EEA or FDA approvals for the USA, where relevant, all our products are accredited for use in the markets within which they are available. 

Want to know more?

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